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Prayer Request: Emotional Predator Prayer Request: Emotional Predator

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Emotional Predator (May 21, 2015)

Prayer Request:
There is a older, famous man in ministry whose following is 95% women.. He is a clinical narcissist who picks out a vulnerable women as a target, sweeps her off her feet with his good looks, charm, fame, wealth, treating her like he can't live without her, puts her on a pedestal. After he has secured narcissistic supply from her and depleted, devastated her, moves on to another victim or victims. Please pray that this man will be exposed to his newest victim that he's targeted, that her eyes will be opened to his narcissism and deceit and she will be able to escape. Pray for deliverance from this entanglement, she is also in ministry exposing occult  practices in the church, He has caused her much pain and confusion and he comes back for more narcissistic supply, praise, attention, accolades, compliments, her energy, or what ever else he can use to feed his narcissism. Thank you, and I pray and ask in the Name of Jesus.

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